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Hand Painted Wine Glasses

Welcome to "A Glass Act by Suzy". I’m Suzanne and I have an absolute passion for hand
painted wine glasses, it is a great form of usable artistic impression. At first, painting glasses started
out has a hobby and through the year’s glass painting became a true passion of mine. I have
sold thousands of items over the years and many are repeat clients. I hope that you too will
become a part of the legacy I’ve created by owning one or more of my custom hand painted
glass designs.

Each item that we create is one of a kind hand painted glass, be it a beer mug, a wine glass,
a martini glass, a jar, or pilsner glass.

When I’m painting glasses I use the very best materials to insure the best look. Each glass that
you purchase is painted with Perma Enamel for top quality and endurance.

Please take a moment to browse the wonderful categories sections that I’ve created. If you are
looking for the perfect glass for a special person or a hand paint glass to commemorate a
super special occasion you have selected the right place to shop.

It’s time to show your glass! Thank you for visiting our site.





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